Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dani's 21st

On Thursday Dani celebrated her 21st year on the planet with gusto. Our ultimate destination was Club one9five in Epping but first we warmed up in 2 bars in Loughton, Nu bar and Minx. It was the first time I had been to either of the bars but I was most impressed with Nu bar. It has just the amount of polish and sheen I like in a venue. Very nice.

Sarah had noticed a football player for West Ham in the bar (her team) and wanted a photo with him, but was too scared to ask. After a half hour build up she had the courage the go over to him. She still froze half way there so I had to ask him for her. His name Roy Carol and he's West Ham's goal keeper. Not being a football lover he was a stranger to me.

Later on we all hit the club, all 10 of us in the group. It seems from the amount of familiar faces about that we weren't the only ones that night who made the journey from bar to club. Quite early on Dani's sister Gemma and friend Jo made in road into talking their way into the VIP section, a task achieved getting all 10 of us in. There was also an actor from Eastenders in there that night, again lost on me because I don't watch the show, but some of the girls bagged a photo of him too.

Happy birthday Dani. Mwah xx

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Greg said...

Roy carrol wont be playing for the hammers anymore. GO GREEN! (green is the name of our new keeper. This was not a statement to convince readers to be more ecologically friendly. However, I feel that it is a good thing to raise awareness of it, so..............GO GREEN!

The above statement WAS to convince readers to be more ecologically friendly.