Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Don't leave me. I can change!

The upgrade of Squish Pages continues with the 'new style' template now employed. It means for me I don't have to now insert HTML code for 3rd party add ons like the Yahoo Avatar, or the Miniclips games, which I don't think you guys have tried yet :( straight into the blogs HTML's code but rather, import it and the insert via the 'drop a drag' method. (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
The archiving works slightly different too with it now (BORING!!!!) working off a drop down menu. To help you find those old posts quicker!

Just to let you photo lovers know that there will soon be an abundance of photos coming; what with Jumping Jaks this Saturday, my work's xmas do down Jongleurs comedy club next Monday night. Singing with Caterham High, in the Albert Hall next Wednesday. Two xmas meals next weekend, and Channa's 21th the following week. Plus I should be having some time off before xmas and me and my ever beautiful sister, Sarah, should taking in 1 or 2 of this fair country's fair cities.

Last night was my 1st of this year's festive nights out when I joined my old office of Barkingside for their xmas meal. We had Italian in South Woodford. 7 of us were there but 3 of us actually didn't work in the office anymore and there was 3 no shows from the current roster. Nevertheless we had a good time with a bit of catching up too.

Day off today, might go to the gym and sauna..... might do.

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sister sarah said...

and some galleries..? could rope lu [lucy] and lou lou [louise] along for the ride..