Sunday, December 03, 2006

All dressed up and no place to go...

Should of gone out Friday. Kirsty's sister was celebrating her 18th birthday and Kirsty had extended an invite to us guys too, to join them down Jumpin Jaks in Basildon. Despite the poor response I was still very much up for going. The meet time was set at 10pm. There was my undoing. To sit at home, in my nice warm comfy house, with a yummy dinner in me belly and my even warmer, comfier bed calling to me, whilst waiting for 10 o'clock to roll round was a disaster. My resolve caved in and I took the easier option. Hello bed! Should of gone. As last night I had no place to go. Noone the spend the evening with, and nothing to do.

It did give me time with my new magazine though. No! Not that type of magazine! Sheesh! A magazine called 'Imagine FX'. A computer driven art magazine, ie art created primarily with a computer rather than with pen, paper and paint. This mag speaks to me! Makes me wanna pick up my pencil again and draw. Qualified Graphic Designer going to waste here! Might as well make use of my training, I might just get into illustration after all. And I have the forum to display my work, right here on Squish Pages!

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Sazza said...

yay! go for it sash! get drawing, sketching, painting, designing, whatever! its great to be creative!lovely and relaxing, calming, theraputic! theres nothing better.. apart from perhaps a pint of strongbow.. mmmm! we'll have to take a trip to some arty farty galleries when im back hoooome! i know louise likes art to, maybe she could come along..