Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's the party season!

Last night was the first of the festivities seasons nights out. Sadly there were a number of no shows despite the lead time given; but nether the less, six brave soldiers made it to the front line. Myself, Greg, Dave and Jack, and for the girls Kirsty and Charlene. We went to Jumpin Jaks night club in the Leisure Festival park in Basildon. With the reduced numbers it made little point ordering a cab especially as we was quoted some £18 each; so I nominated myself as designated driver. We had an absolutely blinding night. Plenty of drink flowed and with 4 cameras there, plenty of photos. The girls kinda started a game of taking close up photos of I think mainly me, ambush stylee.

Kirsty broke her little hat whilst trying to stretch it to fit her head better. Poor thing. She also got up on stage and sang a few lines of a song during a sort of full club singing contest. A bottle of bubbly was up for grabs but she didn't get one. The first part of the evening was all about drinking and the second part all about dancing. All 6 of us shook our tails up on stage until 2.30!


Greg said...

Quality night. I was soooo drunk, i 'JUST REMEMBER' dancing on stage all night like some drugged up moron, bouncing all over the place. Quality night, and hail to the bus driver sacha.

Charlene said...

A Brilliant Xmas nite out!! It was a top laugh, had a wicked time. Thanks to the sachman for drivin and thanks to "Char Char" for gettin you to your destinations safely!! hehe!!