Saturday, December 23, 2006

Vicky's 21st

Another day another birthday. This time was the turn of Vicky M. Its actually her birthday today and she's got something arranged with her family and boyfriend, but last night was our time and we went out to 'Shout' in Ilford. Its been a long while since we went to 'Shout' for it used to be our regular Tuesday night haunt when it was karaoke night. It was lucky if 20 people turned up back then, but a obvious change of ideas and a packed bar was the result. Heavily bias hip hop, R'n'b and Ragga was the order of the day not off-key crooning of 'My Heart Will Go On'!

Just 4 of us were there; me, Lucy, birthday girl and Sarah and we drank, conversed as best we could, given the loud music, and had a little dance (well me and my sis did)! Happy Birthday for today Vicky!

Lucy and Sarah
Bro and Sis
Vicky and Lucy

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