Sunday, December 24, 2006

The last minute rush.

Yes, I too have fallen into the trap of last minute shopping for Christmas presents. Didn't help that I didn't have the money to spend till Friday just gone, but that's by the by. I ventured up to London fearing that the roads and local shopping mall would be packed, and I really couldn't be bothered with the crush before the crush. Thankfully the streets of London town were no busier than a regular Saturday and there were always available seats on the tube.

I successfully got 90% of what I needed and as luck would have it my best bud Gregg was also up town Christmas shopping. He was less lucky. He picked up a few ideas, but no tangible presents. We met up in the evening in Covent Garden and went for a drink and a bite to eat in the Brazilian bar/club, Guanabara. We had steak burritos washed down with Argentinian beer and was treated to some Capoeira dancers. Me and Gregg had a great time catching up and it was so gosh darn good to see the old fella again!

Today I need to get the remaining 10% of my presents. Back into the fire we go....

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