Friday, December 29, 2006

Poker? 'I certainly would!'

Last night, straight after work, I went around to an old college chum that I have not seen in at least 10 months for a little game of poker he had set up. Ironically the last time I saw said friend, Martin B, was at yet another poker night. He and his friend Arthur do likes their poker. In fact, Arthur plays online very regularly and does win himself a bit of cash on those occasions.

So I arrived, after only learning to play poker a year ago and only playing it twice since, for the game. And these boys like to play for money; no matchsticks here! You have to buy-in and pay-in to play on their table! Luckily the other players there, like me were novices, so set the price at a modest £5 = 100 chips. I got the impression that Arthur would have preferred £1 a chip!

Needless to say I got rinsed out, like a plate in a dishwasher. I won a few hands and made £8 last for 4 hours! Will definitely have to learn the rules for next time though!

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