Monday, June 11, 2007

The boy's done good! / The long haul

First off, a very big well done and congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for his maiden Formula 1 win. It a was remarkable win considering his immediate and arguably more skilled rivals all goofed up so much so the it was also the 1st podium this year not monopolised by Ferrari or McLaren. Even better, Lewis is British and will definitely win the World Championship; if not this year, then very, very soon. He is 8 points clear at the top of the Championship and has yet to finish outside the top 3, again something his own team mate and current World Champion has failed to do.

Keep it up my son! (N.B He is also the very first black Formula 1 winner!)

Unfortunately my love of motor racing wore heavy yesterday as there were 5 different disciplines on which meant 7 hours of tv (I had to pass on the last one which would have made it 9 hours!)

First up was the DTM (German touring cars), that started at 1pm.

Followed smartly by the Australian V8s (Australian touring cars). Luckily it was only race one, as race 2 and 3 take place today. [11/6]

I had an hour's gap before the Formula 1 started...

..and showing at the exact same time was the Indy Racing League (America's version of F1, but mostly on oval tracks). Which I then watched on recording once the F1 was over.

Lastly the Champ Cars (another American version of F1, but this time mostly on regular race tracks), but this started at 9pm and I really had enough of cars by then. Still, I've got it recorded!

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