Monday, June 25, 2007

Poker for the 3rd time

Friday 22th June, the 3rd poker championship and the third different winner! I arrived at the directed time of 8pm only to learn that Jason was going to be an hour late and Chris was stuck in traffic and lost! The good news was it gave me time to hang out with Lucy before her bedtime. Dave was nice enough to let me have some of his homemade pizza as I'd had no dinner.

When the others arrived the serious business of cards started. Each of us had wildly different fortunes during the night; I had a slow start and slow finish, but enjoyed and successful middle to the evening. Jason started well, but spiralled downward from there and had to buy back in for the 2nd event in a row and still ended the night with no chips. David had a good start, lost his way during the middle but rallied again at the end; and eventually winner, Chris again started well enough, tailed off during the night but found form just past the halfway point and held his advantage to the end, fighting off David's late challenge.

Well done Chris! Good cards. Until next time.

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Greg said...

You should post a warning if you are going to feature people in Arsenal shirts.