Thursday, June 07, 2007

The sugar rush!

When I was a pup there was a sweet out called Runts. They were little, crunchy, tangy, fruit shaped and flavoured candies. And I absolutely loved them but then they disappeared (and I had to turn to Nerds instead). I decided to Google them and found that they are still being made by Wonka and available on an online shop specializing in American foods. Happy, happy. Joy, joy!

With the shipping at £4, to make ordering the sweets worth while I ordered £10 worth; equaling 3 family sized packets. Now imagine a sweet you haven't had in 10 years and now you have 3 big packets. I'd eaten 2 packets in just 3 days. I ruined my appetite, my tummy felt like, 'bleugh'! And now I hope I never eat one again! :(


lil sis said...

ive never had a 'runt' before!! save me one big man G! x x

Greg said...

they were the B******S, quality i say. What about nerds, they were the same thing really, willy wonka is a legend.