Monday, June 18, 2007

Rhianne and Ashley get Christened

I bought me a new camera last week. Nothing really wrong with the old one, I just thought it was getting a bit long in the tooth and fancied an upgrade. Got the Sony N2. A touch screen camera, because I thought a lot of the new cameras out there have a lot of tiny buttons or the back and/or fiddly functions wheels. The Sony N2 only has 3 buttons on the back, the rest are accessed through the touch screen viewfinder, given the camera nice clean lines.

The first time I got to use the camera in anger was yesterday at Rhianne and Ashley's Christening. Rhianne and Ashley are Gregg's niece and nephew. Neither of them were too happy at the point of getting Christened, both hanging onto their parents for dear life, not trusting the vicar one bit. A man in a dress though, maybe they had a point. Back at the house they were in their domain and the confidence returned; Mom? Dad? Who are they. They was also a bouncy castle which the abundance of kids there had fun on. Us grown ups had food to for our pleasure.

Got to see Dan and Bex (which was nice after such a long time) and their new son Harry. He is an absolute darling!

The pic at the head of this post is with the new camera. I've left it at the original size just so you can see the size of the thing! The others I've had to resize just to make them managable!

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