Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sleeping beauty

After my exploits of Thursday night I may have pushed myself to the limit. By the time I got home that night it must of been about 3am, and knowing I had to get up to go to work at 7pm I still foolishly stayed up a further hour watching tv! I made it to work on time but waking up that morning I felt as heavy-headed as if I had been drinking the night before (which I hadn't because I drove).

I had a half day owed to me at work and luckily it was quiet enough on Friday for my manager to let me go home that afternoon. I thought I would take a nap. As it turned out I fell asleep at 3.30 Friday afternoon, and woke Saturday morning at 6am! Some 14 hours solid sleep!!

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Sarah said...

ooooh! wat a touch getting half the day off! cant believe u slept so long! u deserved it tho *BIG CHEESEY GRIN* x x