Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The beer festival that never was... (July 6)

Gregg had invited me to join him at a beer festival held every year in Chelmsford. I had been there once before but actual swore off beer festivals after getting hugely hungover after going to a massive one held in Olympia. I decided to go, but not drink as I was going to drive. I had a pitstop to make first though.

Luan was kind enough to help me freshen up my resume as it was now 4 years out of date. So straight from work I journeyed round to to her place. Dave was home too and we all ordered Chinese for dinner. Sadly the resume writing fell flat as there was compatibility problems with computer and software. Basically I don't own a copy of Word, owning a Mac computer was the other opposite. I did get some tips and a template though. Thanx Luan x

From Grays I rushed over to Chemsford and waited around for over 30 minutes, giving Gregg a couple of calls, which he didn't answer. So I decided not to hang around all night and head home. I'd heard that there might be some folks out in the Fairlop Oak in Barkingside, and sure enough, sis (Sarah) and Vicky were there.

This was the night where I arranged 2 future events. One was to see Justin Timberlake in concert the next evening the other was to go to Ibiza the following weekend, for the weekend. Melissa (Honeybee) had won the holiday on Kiss radio earlier that evening and I got one of her invites. Yay!

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sarah said...

dont call it a resume, you sound like an idiot. its a CV