Sunday, July 01, 2007

Phil and Danielle's wedding

Sorry for the delay blog fans, been a bit of a busy week. Anyhoo... This past Monday another wedding was clicked off; that of Phil and Danielle. This move now incidentally leaves me exposed as the only male left unmarried in our group. John, Jason, Chris, David, Martin and now Phil, all hitched. If you guys are waiting for me next you better get yourself in a tonne of mothballs because those suits are gonna be on ice a LOOOOOOOONG time!

The wedding was held in a town called Roxwell just north of Chelmsford in a marque, quite uniquely (must of thought they was Posh and Becks), and we were due to have the ceremony itself on the lawn but due to the inclement weather the service was brought inside. Just like Lynsey a few weeks before, there were a few tears from the bride, Danielle, and her parents and some friends had flown from overseas just to be there.

Everything seemed to go well, even though Phil seemed to be more 'hands on' with to minute by minute running of the day than any groom I'd seen before. John handled the Best Man duties like a pro although talk of 'erections' during the speech had me a bit worried.

As is customary, dinner and dancing followed the service, with the official photos tucked in between. The video above is clearly from the dance portion of the evening, but contains footage of Phil's dance style which he is now infamous for.

Hope you had a good day guys. All the best!x

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