Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The fourth poker championship tour (July 27)

It was the usual combatants that sat round the green table and did battle. Blood, tears, gouging and loud whooping; and that was just getting the snacks!

It seemed from very early on that Chris would win, as he'd scored a few big winning hands at the start of the night; almost holding as many chips as me, Jason and Dave put together. Slowly, though, Chris's advantage was chipped away to the point where he, myself and Dave had about the same amount. Jason, as is becoming a pattern, was losing more than winning and was down on chips. He was to lose them all before the end of the night, but only by one hand. Going into that last hand, it would prove to be 'winner takes all' between me, Dave and Chris. We all bet hard but Chris had to pull out, not having a good hand to begin with. Dave and I continued to bet heavy all the way to the river card, where it turned out that Dave had the winning hand.

So there it was, another new winner. Each of the 4 of us has now won a night at poker. I intend to be the first 2 time winner. Until next time!

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dhcselby said...

You woz robbed, dude! Snacks, £12.94. Winnings, £20. The look on Chris's face when I won on the last hand and on the river card, priceless!