Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Exactly one week ago I visited the Wimbledon grand slam tennis tournament; an event I visit every year. Unfortunately my new tennis buddy Lucy had for the second year in a row booked a holiday during the tournament so I had to go alone. For those who have never been before, tickets for each day work on a first come first served basis, which is why one has to queue up from very early in the morning. (Incidentally, the reason why some choose to camp overnight is because there are limited tickets for the show courts available each morning, which are at extra cost)

As outlined just now, entry just get you into the grounds and not the main show courts, but you do get access to the lesser courts where the lower ranked players play and where you get to see the future stars and maybe some fading lights. With this Wimbledon being the wettest since 1982 I was only able to see 2 ladies matches but one of the matches featured Martina Hingis, former number one who had come out of retirement last year. I was very excited at seeing her as I was a big fan before she retired.

Unfortunately the rains came again and by 5.30 play was suspended for the day.

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