Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I've been 'cloned'

I discovered late last week that I had been a victim of identity theft. Whilst out at Wimbledon last week I made an attempt to use my credit card and found it had been blocked, which surprised me because I was up to date with my payments a was a long way from my credit limit. I called the card company to find out why, and the first thing they said was that there where a few transactions on my card recently that they wanted to discuss with me.

They went through a list of retailers and transactions and dates, seeing if it was me. A few were, but the majority were not. So it was quickly apparent that someone else was using my credit card! My account was immediately cancelled and a new one opened up, moving my balance across, plus a new card and pin. The inconvenient thing is I had a few things on order which has since been cancelled and with a 2 week wait for the new card it might look dodgy again when I do get it; buying up all the stuff that got cancelled!

At least those scumbag ain't getting a free ride outta me anymore!

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Greg said...

i dont think you were cloned, i think you just werent willing to admit to your bank manager that it was actually you who had made a purchase from