Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oh. We're going to Ibiza (July 13-17)

There she was sitting by the radio Friday night, listening to Kiss, when the DJ announces a competition. The first person to text in when he played a particular song would win a weekend holiday to Ibiza, the next weekend, for them and 5 friends; with VIP entry to Hedkandi on the Saturday night. Melissa texted in as soon as she heard the song, and was surprised when the radio station rang her back and told her she had won!

Exactly 1 week later Melissa, Dani, Gemma, Sarah, Vicky and I were on a plane heading off to the party isle.

I didn't have a evening free in the run up to the holiday. Monday; step. Tuesday; Lakeside with Sarah and Vicky. Wednesday; body pump and badminton down the gym. Thursday; packing!!


Gemma, Danni, Melissa
Sarah, Vicky, Me

We arrived in Ibiza in the middle of the night, but all still ventured out to explore. We caught mini cabs into Ibiza Town. It was very 'Spanish' in town with many locals out and about which surprised us all; it didn't feel 'touristy'. We eventually all met up in a McDonalds after 30 mins, as the cabs we caught dropped the 2 groups off in different locations. A little more wandering around then we all decided to head back to the hotel. The cabs had overcharged us o the way down so decided to walk back. We started off in the right direction but got a little lost as we got near. We cut through a building site and got startle by security or somebody hanging around in the dark. We all ran, all the way back to the hotel. It was funny later.


The day started with breakfast then we all hit the pool, for some serious power sunbathing. Later on in the afternoon Sarah and Vicky went for a walk, checking out the beach and stuff. Then later on still Me, Melissa, Gemma and Dani done the same.

That evening was 'Hedkandi' night. We got dressed in our finest threads, posed for a few pics and headed out for dinner at a very local Chinese resturant. We all walked to town again, along the coast for a change of scenery. There were some market stalls along the way which the girls loved. Unfortunately by following the coast our bearings were thrown and we ended up wandering around again, eventually finding where we needed to be but not before walking twice as far as we needed to. D'oh!

A boat trip took us over to the club El Divino, where we got our VIP entry to the club and VIP lounge. With complementary drinks too, the VIP lounge was where we spent most of our night. Toward the end of the night (the start of the next day!) we went onto the dance floor for a dance. It was a lot less packed then but still busy. This was a club that could hold hold 2500 people. The club finished at 7am and we left just before that, if only to avoid the rush for cabs.


Everyone was up by 11am for our trip across the island to San Antonio, the beach was much better there and it had the tourist feel lacking in Ibiza Town. Again, it was all about the sunbathing with a little paddle in the sea. Later on we took a stroll around the shops and grabbed some lunch. We headed back to our hotel again to get ready for another night out. There was a split decision for the night. Gemma, Dani and Mel headed back to San Antonio, and later onto club Pasha; whilst me, Vicky and Sarah explored the old part of Ibiza town.


Monday was our final day and we had to pack and vacate our rooms by midday. Our flight however was not until 1.30 that night! So we hung out by the pool again, soaking up the rays, went for a walk and done some photos on the beach that Gemma directed. That evening we got changed and all went to the old part of Ibiza Town for dinner and have a look around. All until we had get to the airport and fly home. :(

Some of these and many more photos can be found on my Facebook in 2 galleries.
gallery 1
gallery 2

Also I would like to say many thank to Melissa for inviting me along. Thanx, I had fun. Much love. Mwah x x!

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