Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cat shines

Last Friday night, songstress Catherine had her 1st showcase. It was held in the Bull Theatre, Barnet and featured all of her manager's singers on stage performing several numbers each. As expected, some were better than others, some performed better than others and I felt some let themselves down, respective to the amount of talent they had.

Sorry Cat, you were good, but I thought the best acts that night were the 2 bands. I can't remember the names, but one was a rock band and consisted of lead, keyboard and guitar, the other, again female lead, guitar and violin. There were many different styles of music on hand, probably more than I even know but it made for a very entertaining night.

Catherine's fan club of Me and Channa were there and both of us sacrificed dinner that night just to be there. We had our fun inside and outside the auditorium too; the lady behind the bar during the interval said we made her night, as most people she served were miserable but we were cheerful.

Big shout to you Cat, our lil pop star! xx

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