Sunday, October 21, 2007

Feeling rough

This past week I've been feeling pretty under the weather. It started off last Thursday. I felt the icy fingers of a cold enveloping my throat, you know, your glands feel tender and the sinuses start to feel mushy. I dashed out at lunchtime and got me some Anadin, and some trusty Night Nurse (I do like that stuff).

Maybe it was the mixing of 2 potent medicines or maybe it just the cold taking hold, but Friday morning I woke up blowing bubbles like a baby and singing 'La la la', with the pixies that appeared at the bottom of my bed! Needless to say I did go to work that day and in fact it wasn't till around 2pm that day that the room stopped spinning and I was able to get something to eat. Just a boiled egg Friday as my appetite had been knocked outta whack.

Saturday I returned to work but felt week and only added half a chicken sandwich and a doughnut to my tummy that day. Sadly I had to pass on running a 10k with Jason on Sunday (more on that in my next post). I managed a half portion of dinner though. Then it took from Monday through Thursday for my appetite to return, I suffered lots of stomach pain and nausea on the way; the more I needed to eat, the less I wanted to. At work they shouted at me and forced me to drink soup! I passed on going to the gym all week, not having any energy to exercise, but I'm better now. Yay me!!!

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