Thursday, October 04, 2007

A little beverage in the wharf

Last Friday myself, Catherine and Channa hit the streets of Canary Wharf for a little drink. The original plan was to check out the face-lifted Faces nightclub on it's reopening night but the night was only open to club members; £30 for men and £20 for women. That gave you the privilege to queue up and pay your way in. Needless to say that seemed a lot of upfront expense for just one night, so That's how Canary Wharf was born.

We caught the DLR down there to appease Channa's Tube and Underground fears, but it still upset Catherine because she just hates the whole public transport thing. She unsuccessfully tried to get Channa to drive.

We ended up in the Slug and Lettuce till that closed at 11, then shuffled across to Smollensky's till 12. I have to just say that the loos on Smollensky's where uni sexed, with 4 cubicles in one room; one male, one females, one both sexes, and one disabled and no urinals. Unfortunately 2 of the cubicles were out of order so guys and girls had to queue to use the remaining 2. It was all very weird! Anyhoo, photos of the night follow.

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