Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Wednesday is usually my day off but last week I had to change my day off because my company wanted to do a 'leaflet drop' day. Everyone in all the regions offices could come to work in civilian clothes and would spend the whole day pounding the streets canvassing, delivering leaflets to all our area rooftops to drum up business.

Myself and new guy Alex went out first and had the task of tackling all the purpose built flats in the town centre. On our very last development we parked up and hit the letterboxes. As with most new build the letterboxes were outside so it made things very quick and easy. However, in the 5 odd minutes it took us to return to the car, I had been clamped for parking in a resident's bay. Actually the clamp guy was just getting off his knees when we got back to the car.

I announced to him that I was the driver but told me he had already logged the registration number and I had to call the office. On doing so they told me that the release charge was £150 plus (get this) £50 to cancel a tow truck ordered to remove my car! I pointed out that my car was clamped not 2 minutes ago so the tow truck (if really ordered) had not even left the yard yet. The lady told me that the charge still stands even if cancelled!

Sadly I seldom have £200 of disposable cash so my Manager and Sharon had to dig into their own pockets, and bring the cash to pay the clamp guy. It took the guy about 7 seconds to remove the clamp, and for that he got £200! I felt so sick at the waste of money. My company have reimbursed Sharon and Alan their money, but have arranged to take £66.66 out of my pay over the next 3 months to cover the cost. What a total rip!


Sarah said...

grrrr! that makes me sooo mad! i cant believe u got CLAMPED! not like a fine or any thing! and they dont even care theyre just taking ur money mmffuffnnn

squish said...

Sis, it still burns me! That £200 was going toward my PS3 Christmas present!x