Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lucy's birthday!!!!

First off, sorry to Lucy for this entry being so late and then sorry to Vicky for not uploading the photos sooner. She was expecting them the next day!!

I start this post the way most have stared recently.....
Two Saturdays ago (lol) I joined Lucy for the celebratory night out for the merrimentation of her 22nd since birthitude! Needless to say I was not the only one there that night; her boyfriend Richard, Vicky M and Catherine came too. And later that night, Charlene and Dave as well!

Romford, Brannigans, played host for the night and I hadn't personally been there since its refurbishment, but was disappointed that it was only a 'lick of paint'. It also didn't seem to be as busy as in the 'good ole days'. Lucy has always liked it there, probably due to her 'rock' orientated music tastes not being catered for in most nightspots, where Brannigans has a very broad musical palette, enough for anybody.

I do remember one point during the night where someone in the club must of had really bad guts or some crafty bugger had some stink bombs, but either way, me and Cat had to run from the dance floor to the safety of the r'n'b room while Lucy, Richard and Vicky were outside having a cigarette. We two stayed in the r'n'b room for the remainder of the night. Vicky found us, after Char and Dave had arrived and found us late on.

I hadn't seen Lucy or Char for months beforehand so enjoyed seeing them again, I'd also promised the jump up and down on Char's head for being out of my life for so long be never did. I still will though!

Hope you had a nice night Lucy. Love ya always xxx

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