Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On tick

Thursday 18th October. This was the day that I spent my last earned penny of the month. My September pay packet contained my efforts from August, which was the month had 2 weeks off work; one of them being in Barbados. So I was unable to hit my monthly targets (and no, they are never adjusted by market treads or annual leave) meaning no target bonuses, also I was unable to progress any sales into an exchange of contract situation (the source of my commission pay) due to a multitude of conveyancing mumbo-jumbo. This resulted in my first ever flat month. I received so little that even the Student Loan Company took no cash off me this month. I think I was doing a paper route the last time I took home so little pay for a month's work.

So, for two weeks till October 31st, every single cent I spend will not be a penny earned, but a penny borrowed as I turn to my credit card to buy lunch, petrol even a newspaper! :(

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