Thursday, November 30, 2006

Boom baby!

PAY DAY!!!!!! 'Gimme my king's crown back y'all! Still fits. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!'

Now me pockets ain't skinny no more, I can hit the shops! Blow all my dough on Xmas presents. Back to square one in 10 seconds flat! With today being my day off I'm gonna hit the shopping mall named Bluewater. Its not blue, and its not made of water, but it can empty one's wallet faster than a £1000 a night hooker!

Not much online time this week. Busy, busy, busy! Or more like, tired, tired, tired! After doing that evenings activity, whether it be step class, choir practice or badminton, there only seems enough time to have dinner before the sandman comes get me. Be needing me prune juice and arthritis medicine soon! Eek!


Big Jase said...

What do you get for £1000 a night Mr Squish?

I know of ladies who will do it for a tenner

Anonymous said...

oooh! very nice! so who did you go to bluewater with squish?

squish said...

with a very nice person! :p