Sunday, February 11, 2007

Beginners Luck!

On Friday evening I went to one of the new casinos at Casa Selbs. So new is the casino that they have only one game installed; poker.

I was greeted by the croupier who was suitable attired but refused to serve food to the customers; namely me, Jason and Chris. Yeah, maybe it was just poker night round Dave's house, but to me it was a visit to a Vegas style casino!

Before the game began I got to put little Lucy too bed and she told me I was her best friend which warmed me lil heart. She'd also said that she preferred me to her own dad. 'In your face Dave!'

All 4 of us were relative novices at poker but Jason had never played before, so did well to win on the night taking home his £20 winnings! Git!


Greg said...

Dude you cant say to someone that their own child loves you better, how evil are you? Your child, your most precious and loved thing in your life whom you are bonded by blood with ACTUALLY loves me better.

Cruel, just cruel.

Greg said...

Pretty funny though.

Jason the river card said...

Dude. 2 words. Hot justice. ;-). Loads of money. Look at the size of my wad!

squish said...


Jason the river card said...

Chris, That Mircra really goes round corners well at 70mph (other cars are available). Pity you lost it playing cards. Hope it's not too cold at the bus stop!!! (other modes of transport are avaiable) ;-)

Squish, does the 'G' on git stand for great?

squish said...

No, it stands for 'Git!'

Greg said...

I reckon Jason is a fan of russel brand - other comedians are available.

Jason said...

Squish, if I'm a GIT just think what that makes Dave.
(Other people called Dave are available)

Greg, you're correct .... ;-)