Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nothin doing

Its been a nothing week this week. Nothing particularly exciting, dramatic or interesting has happened. With Sky back on I've been catching up on the 'lost' episodes of "24", "Prison Break" and "Futurama" that was locked down. Also been re watching the first season of "House" on dvd.

I must say that from the "Futurama" episode 'Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love' I have picked up a quote from Zoidberg to live life by;

Leela: 'It's amazing that your people can fall in love so fast.'
Zoidberg: 'Love? That word is unknown here. I'm simply looking for a female swollen with eggs, to accept my genetic material.'
Fry: 'You and me both brother.'

I'm now 4 xmas cards down now with 2 to go and I'm also coming up with ideas for a second series 6 cards featuring the same characters.

Saturday night was spend round a mate's house; Nik-e who I went college with. I hadn't seen her for a while. So we did some catching up, and she showed me her songwriting skills, playing me the track recorded by the singer she writes for, then singing me the other unrecorded tracks herself. I have to say I was very impressed.

It was my brother, Brian's birthday on Wednesday and I gave him my old PSP games console plus a new game and film. He was over the moon with his gift. He had said before that he would happily accept my old PSP when I bought me a white one to replace it! The white PSP will come next month as a substitute to the PS3 which I wont be able to afford come launch day: 23rd March.

And I just found this photo on the internet. looks just like me I think.

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