Sunday, February 04, 2007

The birthday oops!

Last night I went out for my old friend Jade's birthday. Or I thought I did.
I met Jade, can't remember how many, years ago when we both attended Hip Hop dance classes at Pineapple studios. Admittedly we haven't been that close since we stopped going but stay in touch by sms. I got an invite to her birthday this year and she told me some others from the dance class were coming too. I was really looking forward to the pseudo reunion.

Jade lives in east London and had her party in a club near her home in Old Street. Suni from work came too. Gregg was due to come as well but couldn't make it ultimately. We arrived at the party but couldn't see Jade. I texted her to find out where she was and she replied the the party was actually yesterday (Friday night!). Oh no!

Thankfully Old Street is not far from Shorditch and a plethora of bars so we headed there and still had ourselves a good night!

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