Sunday, February 18, 2007

My day off: The results!

Well, I almost got everything I needed done on my day off. I didn't manage to pay off all the debts, cause one needs the giro slips to accompany the cheques, and with my next bills to be issued imminently, there would have been and overlap in the post and I'd still have to make the next payment as well!

I got a wheel for my car from the breakers yard: £25 including tyre. That's cheap! Put it this way, the average price I hear for a tyre down Kwik Fit is £40-60. God knows how much a new wheel costs on top of that! However, Vauxhall called me up the same day and said they had been given authorisation from the lease company to fit a new wheel, but I'm not gonna go pick it up because that might trigger the £150 fine. Hopefully the authorisation doesn't mean its already paid for!

I ran out of petrol on the way to the petrol station! Had to walk a mile there and back with me fuel can, and my nephew in tow who struggled to keep up with my pace. Doubly so because he was wearing them 'wheelies'. Bless him!

Paid Sky their £187, but because giro slips take 3-5 day to clear I've got a blue screen till next week, Monday or Tuesday! And in case you didn't know, Sky+ records onto an internal hard drive. That gets locked down too, so I can't even watch the hours of TV I've already recorded!! Grrrrrrrr!

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John said...

thats the trouble with company cars, you don't know the costs, I've just put 2 tyres on my car - for the princly sum of £220 !!, big alloy wheels - don't you just love em