Thursday, February 15, 2007

Busy bee!

Usually, come my day off I have nothing much to do but sit around and scratch my arse like a baboon in the zoo. But today, just like last week, I'm gonna have to run around all day like a headless chicken to get everything done! (What's with all the animal references; bee, baboon, chicken?)

- I've gotta go to the doc's and pick up a prescription.

- Go and pay off all my outstanding debts (I got me a consolidation loan this week, but cause my credit rating is shot to pieces I can only get an APR of 900% (I kid, but not by much)) so 4 debts become 1.

- I've also got to go to a breakers yard and see if I can find a replacement wheel for my car, cause last week I damaged the wheel so badly it can't be fixed and if I get a brand new one the company will know and I get fined. (can't afford a fine)

- Buy my brother's birthday present (don't tell him though!).

- Tidy my room, because the Sky engineer is coming next week and here is a pic of my room at the moment.

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The Git they call Dave said...

And still have time to update your blog!!!!!! What's your secret? Jason wants to know.....