Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Sky saga resolved?

The Sky engineer came and went yesterday, and our system apparently now functioning normally; but he didn't 'fix' anything.

I seems to me that Sky believed I was fraudulently claiming their 'multiroom' subscription (full price for the 1st box, then only £10 for the 2nd box), the engineer simply ran a diagnostic through the menu system then rang Sky to confirm the box's location (address), then left. No screwdrivers, no ladders, no replacement parts. I wasn't there at the time, but my Mom pulled him up, "£65 for 5 mins work?".
To which the engineer responded, "I only get £7 of it, plus you son could have moved out and was still trying to get 'multiroom.'"

As it turns out I finally found my repair policy with Sky that very morning, so at work I called them and they refunded my £65 callout charge and with the equipment 'fixed' Sky should also return another £100 of over charges!

Now the fun begins. I'm gonna write a letter of complaint. I've had 3x £20 bank charges, had my viewing cut off for a week, had to shell out £165 over the odds (which I've not been able to afford, only to get it all back!) and had a knock on my credit rating! And for what?...

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