Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Shouting at the Sky.

GRRRRRR! Yesterday I went to bed with my blood boiling.
I came home from work to find that my satellite TV at been switched off, so I called up Sky to see why. Turns out I owed them money. The money they didn't take from my account because their computer needs 14 days in which to process a direct debt. So my payment date sailed by without them taking their money, so now now I've gotta stare at a blank blue screen till at least next week, by which time their computer should have caught up!

AND, to cap it all off; they are charging me an extra £33 a month more because one of my Sky+ decoders is still not ringing them back. I've had to book an engineer to come take a look at it next week at a cost of £65!

Excuse my French but right now I'm f**king p***ed off with Sky!


Greg said...

you're what with sky?

squish said...

Can't you read, 'I'm f**king p***ed off with Sky!'

not someone who works for NTL said...

if you're really that mad, why dont u cancel ur sky and get ntl or one of the other digital tv options? they seem to be mucking you around a lot..