Sunday, March 25, 2007

'All hail the poker King'

Friday evening was the second poker night attended by myself, Chris, Jason and David. The format was the same as before; a £5 buy-in with a winner-takes-all after a set period. Jason had to but himself back in after losing all of his chips about halfway through, raising the winnings to £22. When the flag dropped the general consensus was that Chris had won the evening, but a count up of the chips revealed that I won by 7 chips! Woo-hahahaha!

Friday was also the Playstation 3 launch day here in the UK and across Europe, and it was the first Playstation console that I have not bought on launch day. And I certainly do feel hollow for it. There were many moments of weakness during March when I wanted to run into the shops with my credit card in hand, but I stayed my hand. Ain't I a good boy. 'You will be mine soon PS3!'


Ghostwriter56 said...

Hail King Sacha...

Want to see a picture of chris as he thinks he has won?

Then pop over to my blog ;-)

Sazza Wazza said...

well done for winning the pot at poker squish. was very happy for u.. but then i read on and at the realisation that you feel lost without gettin the new PS on its launch date makes me think you're now a winner at all.. ur a big fat LA-HOOOOO-SER! he he! much loveness x x