Sunday, March 04, 2007

The duties of uncle

When I had learnt of the arrival of my new car in January I had taken my nephew Logan down to the Vauxhall showroom and we hadsat in a Corsa to try it out. I thought I would be a nice treat to give him a drive in the car on the first day I got it. So I took him and my niece Stephanie out for dinner Thursday evening.

We went to Frankie and Benny's (I think that's the spelling) in Romford. Logan (9) had been before but for Steph (7) it was her first visit. All 3 of us ordered rack of ribs with chips. Steph suggested getting some chicken wings as well, just to mix up the flavours but didn't eat any of them any way. I lost a £1 bet with Logan too, who correctly wagered that he could eat all his food.

I got them back home for 9pm by which time Steph was tired, but we had had a good evening and the kids had seen, and had a chat with 2 of their dad's co-workers who were in the restaurant too. Two pretty young lady's, maybe something for uncle..!

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