Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pants for nothin

Yesterday was my day off and I rushed to the gym, slightly concerned by my emerging spare tyre. Thought I'd go for a calorie burning routine and finish off with a nice little sauna.

All went well; I threw in a bit of weight training too, like a wee cherry on top! Went back to the dressing rooms to change into my trunks for the sauna and there next to my bag, hanging on a peg, was someones clothes - with their underpants topmost!

Its not the 1st time I've seen such a sight there; last summer there was a pair hanging in the same manner but they were decorated with a dirty great skid mark, as long as the M4!

Now this 'pants on display' has to be either the work of genius or of a gibbering idiot:-
Genius; There has been pickpockets in the dressing rooms in the past and leaving ones dirty, sweaty pants on display would stop anyone coming near your stuff. Just like garlic wards off the evil spirits.
Idiot; Its just plain dumb to leave your soiled under-garments in plain sight of everyone!!


Sarah said...

ewwww! thats naaaasty! here is a lil video clip that will make you so happy you wont be able to think of anything else for the next few minutes after watching it! it just makes me all warm and fuzzy on my inside..

seriosuly smiley! [and news to me cos i never knew babies could do that..!]

Ghostwriter56 said...


I reckon they are you're pants.

They look like about your size ;-)

squish said...

Sis, That was a wicked vid!x

Ghostwriter56, Waaay to much fabric in those pants to be mine pal!