Saturday, March 10, 2007

Beautiful Liar

Holy! Just stumbled across Beyonce's new video featuring Shakira. Holy mother of all things good and pure! The tune is quite good, but the sight of Beyonce and Shakira in the same shot shaking their tail feathers is the work of genius and quite possibly an image that will stay with me now till old age!

See for yourself:



Sarah The Feminist said...

please take it off here sacha! its possibly.. im almost certain.. the worst song ive ever heard! and the video is a big pile of pig turd!! grrr!! it makes me soo mad! you lose major points with this one!

squish said...

Well I like it! Its staying. The song's not the best, but its catchy. But two of music's best looking artists together in one shot. Priceless!

sarah the feminist said...

you smell

squish said...

Love you sis! Mwah!!