Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A few of my favourite things

Thought I'd share some of my favourite sites, and the links and get into this whole networking thing.

First up is apple trailers. Being a bit of a movie buff I like to keep an eye on new and upcoming films and get quite ticked off when one makes it to theaters without me knowing about it months in advance. This site has trailers to a lot of current and upcoming movies.

Next, I really like the celebrity photos and 'red carpet' photos, for those I visit a number of sites my favourites being, and the forum at They both have tons and tons of HQ photos going back years!

For general information I use An online, constantly updated and amended encyclopedia. There's nothing it don't know, and if there is then it can be user updated, subject to verification. Neat!

Finally for games and some cartoons is my destination. There's always fun little games to play and new ones appear all the time. Plus there's some cartoon shorts which are entertaining.

Welcome to a slice of my world.


dhcselby said...

That's fine and dandy, dude but where are the porno links......
BTW I got one for you

Ghostwriter56 said...


little present for you on my blog ;-)

squish said...

Porn! Those links are kept in the back office. ;-)