Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More more blogarrhoea


Friday night I went to On Anon with co-workers Suni and Abdul. It was a long planned 'lads nite' however Melissa initially got upset that she was not invited and called us all selfish. I guess the term 'lads nite' confused her. Anyway, Suni (it used to be spelt 'Sunny' but he decided to change it at Christmas!?) drove as he detests public transport plus doesn't drink. Abdul and I shared a bottle of whisky on the drive down; I drank mine share neat from the bottle whilst Abdul had his with coke.

It was a good but long night. I didn't get home till 4:15 am. I was well drunk, plus had to be at work for 9am later that day. The real kicker though was that Saturday night I had THREE birthday's to go to:- Mike's, Dave's and Charlene's. Everyone at work thought I was crazy, but I had no desire to blow anyone out on their birthday...


x Charlene x said...

Thanks for coming! hope you had a brilliant nite!

The birthday boy they call Dave said...

Duuuuuuuuuuuude! It was a great night, thanks for taking time out to visit li'l old me!!!!