Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lazy day off.

I had planned to go to the gym today as has become my routine but I woke up with no energy what so ever, so it became a laundry and rest day.

Yesterday I got my new phone as a free upgrade; an LG Shine. As an O2 Select customer I'm entitled to my upgrades every 9 months. My last 4 phones have all been Sony Erissons so it feels more than a little alien to use a different phone, but I've had a chance today to play around an get use to it.

I often get accused of not having enough national pride whenever England play football, well as I don't like the game anyway watching 90 minutes of it, England or not, seems dull. However my chest did swell on Sunday when England won its first A1 grand prix race. Oliver Jarvis in only his second appearance for the team came 2nd in the first race of the day, then went one better and won the 2nd. Almost two years in the making but worth the wait. Top marks also to Brit Dan Wheldon, who won the IRL season opener for the third year in a row. Sweet!

And finally, all I know is that Akon better take his hands off of Jojo otherwise he will be the one getting 'smacked across the floor'!
(just kidding Akon)

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Sarah said...

hey hey! u figured out how to use the new phoney now? hope to see ya sooooon x x