Tuesday, November 21, 2006

TV manic!

I'm back! Wasn't able to log into my own blog. Some maintenance problem and blah, blah, blah! Needless to say, I stayed in this weekend (see previous post), and caught up with some television; well my Sky+. I like the show '7th Heaven' and its showing every day on 'Hallmark'. They seem intent on showing every one of the 10, or so, seasons concurrently which means every week I'm 7 hours further behind. There is only so much good ole, wholesome family drama with a Christian slant, that a man can take.

Smoking is bad. Rap music is bad. Drinking is bad. Sex before marriage is bad. Intolerance is bad. Family is good. Respect for one parents, elders or responsible guardian is good. Learning from one's mistakes is good. You get the idea.

I've watched the entire second season of 'House' on DVD (not over this weekend, but over the last month), and have the first season waiting at the post office for me to pay the £10 import tax I've been hit with. Bah!

I also need to invest in 'The West Wing' on DVD, but until then I'll make do with the reruns on 'More 4'.


Debbie from Dallas said...

Have you seen my movie Mr Squish?...

Debbies ad said...

Hi Debbie

I didn't know you made a movie.

I'll get it out on DVD and watch it with your mum tonight!



Greg said...

This is weird. Weird i tells ya.