Friday, November 10, 2006

Jason's return/New year breaks the bank!

We had a full house at 'badminton Wednesday' this week. For a good few weeks only myself, John and Martin have been turning up as Jason was out with an injury, and Philip is out with being in love!! With 4 of us there we able to play doubles again, which involves a lot less running around; and Jason marked his return not only by winning the most games that night but by only operating on 60% to ease back into it! We was all still knackered by the end of the hour. Maybe we all need an M.O.T!

Had to blow out plans for New Years Eve! Listen to this: A Castle in the north Wales countryside. A 6 course meal with some drinks thrown in. A casino. Obviously, the party with DJ. A firework display at midnight with hot chocolate and pastries being served. A night's stay in one of the castle's many guest rooms, and a brunch on New Years Day itself before departing. All starting from £211 per person!
None of that includes, staying in the castle the night before which would be about another £120 (does include breakfast). Meals, drinks, getting to Wales and back! While it all sound absolutely fabulous and an ideal New Years' celebration, it's just beyond my modest budget. Maybe one year, but not this one! :'-(

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