Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well excuse me!

Have you seen these two? Look out for them as they are considered dangerous!! Do not approach them!


First up is Vicky. She has admonished me for her not appearing on Squish Pages enough times and 'would like the next entry to be devoted to how much I miss her'. Well I admit she has been missed whilst away at uni, her directness, bluntness and in-your-face honesty also missed. But she will be down early December for the Jumpin Jaks Christmas do and I'm sure over Christmas. So, see you soon Victoria!x

Second up is Martin, who feels that Squish Pages is lacking that zap and zest that it had when it was loaded with the Australia trip photos. Maybe he was suggesting that I need to go on holiday again to make things 'interesting' again. Well I'd love to go away again, but I only get 4 weeks off each year, so Squish Pages will have to be 'boring' more often than not!


Scotty said...

Beam me up

Mr Blobby said...

Does anyone know the way to Crinkley Botom?

Martin said...

Squish! I'll be watching you closely from now on!