Monday, November 06, 2006

The night continues....

Now while for some a night at a firework display would of been a night's fill; at 10pm I left and headed to Hainualt to pick up Charlene and Dave. The reason; to go to Southend and meet up with Kirsty and Jack. So at about 10.45 we was heading down the A127 bound for a Southend! There was a slight hold up while the traffic slowed to pass a stricken car, off the road and in the scenery! Char provided directions from the back seat, like a real live Tom Tom. By the time we got there poor ole Jack was pooped and made his way home. So that left the 4 of us to hit the club.

Club Mayhem. Not as bad as the name suggests. It was actually pretty descent. Quality music. Quality ladies. Quality venue. Only the clientele was a bit rough around the edges. But what do you expect that deep into Essex!

Dropped Kirsty off home in her lil village at the end of the night, then back to this neck of the woods to drop off Charlene, Dave and of course, myself. Char's navigation system was called Sach Sach, on the way back, but it was just as crap as when she was Tom Tom!

3.30 I got home!

Kinky and Shaggy
Pimp Daddy Chocolat and Rodney
Aint they beautiful!
Bad boyz 4 life!


Anonymous said...

In the picture of me (Kinky) and Shaggy, you got the weirdo tranny that you so kindly pointed out! Urgh!

squish said...

Oh yeah! Thanx for bringing that back for us! Not!