Sunday, November 26, 2006

Games, booze and movies

First off, if you guys have a couple of minutes spare, check out the two games on me links bar; Penguin Arcade and Scribble ->. They're like online flash games. The only cost is your bandwidth. A mildly diverting gift to all my blog fans.

Well I managed to get out of the house this weekend, the 4 walls driving me crazy, and spent me time with two beautiful people; namely Gregg and Louise. (Now pay attention 007. I know 2 Greggs: One with 1 'G', Pimp Daddy Blanc, just had his 21st. And one with 2 'G's, long time best pal and fellow Capricorn)

With Gregg, it was Saturday night in Shorditch. Probably now considered our regular. We visited a few bars and tried one in particular call Flava, but it was guest list only. I think I upset Gregg that night though, as he wanted to stay out and book a hotel room and worry about getting home in the morning. But as I'm in pauper mode I poo-pooed his idea, catching the last train home and leaving him to his own devices!

da last train home

Sunday, I had Louise for company and we watched the movie 'Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny'. Now I have to admit this was not my choice of film, and would not have made it into my list at all, but it was actually thoroughly entertaining and totally enjoyable. I'm glad I saw it! Thanx Lou!

da movie

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