Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Money, money, money!

Money is like my appetite, I can never have enough!

If only it was pay day every day! That way I wouldn't have to spend the last 2 weeks of every month living on 14 pence a day and robbing pigeons of their breadcrumbs at lunchtime! And I'd be able to wrestle Christina Aguilera from her husband. I've already got him on looks, but he probably misplaces more money than I earn!!

Once all the bills are paid I get to play with what's left. Anybody seen my magnifying glass?

It does mean that for 2 weeks I live like a king! Never been one for rationing. Play hard, worry later!
But no matter how much I get, it will never be enough. Flasher car, more exotic holidays, fancier clothes Cristal instead of Lambrini. Hopefully the Lotto will come through for me.


The man they call skint said...

Amen, Brother!

Not Biglog or Sachas Dad said...


I didn't reaslise your old boy was so small you needed a magnifing glass ;-)

Hugs and Kisses

Not Biglog or your Dad