Sunday, November 12, 2006

Greg's 21th

Last night was a celebratory party for Greg's 21 years of service to the world! It was a bit premature as his birthday is actually this coming Wednesday! However it was a great party with a pretty amazing turnout of both friends and family! Old Park's was the venue, with a free bar, which lasted all night, a DJ, and hot catered food laid on. I didn't meet Greg's parents but want to say a big thanks to them! Greg was a marvelous host too, traversing the room and making sure everybody got a bit of his time.

I, myself had a good night and got totally drunk, and today stayed in my burrow like the mighty field mouse only venturing out for food at 4pm! By then the room had stopped spinning!

Richard and Lucy
Lucy and Me
Kirsty, Charlene and Dave
Sarah and Dominique
Lucy, Charlene and Louise
Catherine and Channa
Dave, Charlene and Jack
Leicester Crew: Sarah, Melissa, Abdi and Iain
Jack and Dave
Greg and Louise
Charlene and Sarah
didn't get her name....
Charlene, Louise and Kirsty
Charlene and MeJack and Kirsty

Pimp Daddy Blanc


lil sis said...

woo hoo! what a great night and post-commentary! you took some ace piccies BB! everyone looks so gorgeous and glam [thank god i shaved me pits..! tee hee!]

The Mighty Shaggy! said...

What a wicked nite!! You got sum fab pics!! shall hav mine uploaded soon! It was a brilliant nite, you was soo drunk, and u say i'm a scary drunk...

Anonymous said...

Viv and I (Gregs parents) would like to thank you all for turning up to celebrate our baby's 21st. Also to congratulate you all on your behaviour on the night. Its nice to know that Greg has such good friends. We are glad that you all enjoyed it, I know that Greg did and as a consequence so did we. With all the negative comments about the yoof of today, you proved them wrong, you were a credit to all those that know you. Pat

Bhead said...

wow! that well was nice wot gregs dad wrote! but it does make me feel that we as a gang are not doing our part in upholding the low repute that our fellow 'yoofs' have worked so hard at establishing.. i hereby suggest that we all go out, get completely sozzled and wreak havoc.. maybe smash in a bus stop/telephone box or two ;D

squish said...

I'm with you sis! Burn baby, burn!!
Just kidding!

queenie said...

hello baby! It's the mighty queenie and dom dom here. we are bored at uni and looking at all your lovely pics. (except the pervy nudie women ones. love you!