Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another weekend, another wedding!

Another weekend, another wedding. This was a tad bit closer to home, but who else can say they have been to 2 weddings on consecutive weekends, in 2 different continents, in 2 different hemispheres. Not many I wager! Someone call the Guinness Book of Records!

David married Luan in a lovely and concise ceremony. Which I think Dave was glad was over quite quickly because he was as nervous as hell! Luan's mate Nikki and her daughter Lucy were bridesmaids and both looked beautiful in their red dresses. The venue was a lovely, grand building in the Essex countryside. And we did have a little difficulty finding it.

I was following Jason and Michelle in convoy as they followed Anna and Chris, and we got to one particular roundabout and we had lost the trail and ended up circling the roundabout 3 times. 3 cars all in a row. We did amuse some of the motorist there as well. Jason took the lead after that and Tom Tom got us there. Phil and his lady Danielle arrived after us so missed all the fun. Tracey was also there. As the BEST MAN! and she did the job just as got as any best man before her.

Thanks Dave and Luan for the invite. Hope you guys had a fun day too!

Michelle and Jason
Phil and Danielle
David and Tracey
Chris and Anna
Lucy and Nikki
Luan and Tracey
Rhys (Tracey's son) and Me!


Sachas Dad said...

Hello Son

I heard from Jason that you took a picture of two 'ladies' kissing.

2 questions, why do ladies need to kiss each other?...




Mr Chris Biglog said...

Male 35, seeks man for walks in the country, milky tea and afternoon delight!!!

squish said...

Sorry Mr Biglog, but this anit no dating agency or small ads.

The married man they call Mr Patch!! said...

Dude, glad you and the guys could make it. I'm still overwhelmed by the day, the kind words and generous gifts we received by everyone. With a lack of family, it was good to see close friends sharing the day with us. Sorry about the lesbians, you know how I feel about them!!! Oh by the way, Lucy and Nikki say hi!

The man who isn't Biglog said...

Hey, Married Dude

A wedding isn't a good wedding without Lesbians...

squish said...

Well I got to dance with both bridesmaids, so how lucky am I?

Man pretending to be Chris said...

You are a lucky man...

not chris and not biglog said...

who hasn't pretended to be chris?

Chris, Pretending to be sachas Dad said...

I haven't pretended to be chris