Sunday, October 01, 2006


After work I met up with Kirsty at my house, packed everything into my car then headed off to Leicester. It took us 2 hours to get there after inadvertently taking the A1 instead of the M1. But it didn't turn out to be such a disaster in the end anyway. Me and Kirsty were both starving on the way up having both come straight from work, and did all we could to take our minds off food. She also realized that she had left work with her dad's office/car/home keys in her bag leaving him in a bit of a pickle!

Sarah, cooking
Kirsty, straightening her hair

Sarah made us dinner when we arrived, we met some off her dorm mates, watched an episode of Extras, then got ready to go out. On the way into town a girl passed by us and muttered "Freshers!" under her breath, which me and Kirsty were quite chuffed about it as we're not students, but Sarah, in her second year, was less pleased. Sarah was also refused entry to the first bar we arrived at because she didn't bring out her id, so we headed back to get it.


Once back we tucked into more wine and took some photos with the timer function. We was being quite noisy at the time and was chided by one of Sarah's roomies. From the photos Kirsty came to the conclusion that her shins were skinny, Sarah, her thighs, fat; and me, small head! We had one of those ultra funny moments then, where if you weren't there the joke would be lost but it resulted in Sarah laughing wine out of her nose and me and Kirsty crying with laughter!

Me, Sarah and Kirsty
Me, Kirsty and Sarah

Back in town, we headed straight to the club where we danced, drank the night away, and met many more of Sarah's friends and fellow students, far to many to remember them all! We left at the end and walked home. Now the girls would say that I fell asleep while sitting at the table but I was actually just resting my eyes.

KirstyKat, Sarah's mateSarahyou know by now

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