Monday, October 09, 2006

See ya in a week!

Well blog fans, the time has come and I am off to the southern hemisphere. To the city of Melbourne, Australia. The purpose, well firstly to have a holiday to a part of the world I'm dying to see, and secondly, to witness the marriage Steve, and old co-worker, who emigrated earlier this year, to Carley, a full blooded Aussie, who had been studying nursing on these fair shores. Their nuptials takes place this saturday and it will be so good to see them again, and Steve is such a good man that despite being on another continent and a day ahead, has stayed in contact, with phonecalls, SMS and emails. Good on ya!

I'm hoping that my phone will work over there because I will be able to take a photo and upload it straight to squishpages, instantly. So stay tuned!

Also guys, there's a comments section at the bottom of each post. This is where YOU can participate. Leave your opinions, thoughts, well wishes and hellos! Use it or..... nothing I guess. Chow!

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