Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lucy's 21st

I'm never drinking again! Well not until anti-alcohol pills becomes a reality. Ok then, not until next time. Famous last words.

Last night was the celebration of Lucy's twenty first year, with a house party. Friends, family and co-workers gathered in the family home to eat, drink and make merry. It was a good night and with copious amounts of alcohol available I wager I'm not the only one suffering today. Its was also good to see some folks I'd not seen for a while, namely; Lucy's Mom, Dad, brother and sister. Jack, Louise and Vicky M.

Happy birthday Queenie. Hope it was a good one!!!

Louise and Lucy Cat an Charlene
Greg and Jack Sarah and Louise
Sarah and Greg
Sarah and Greg (again) Lisa and Vicky N
Charlene and Kirsty Cat and Me
Cat and Me (again)
Vicky M Cat and Sarah
Lisa, Vicky N and Sarah
Louise and Me Jack, Greg and Dave
Cat Lucy and Richard

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